Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dinner Dance

Yup. Dinner Dance. I can't believe we made it through the year, all the way to the dinner dance. Omigod. And I'm going to be crying, I can tell you that now. But back to the dance :)
First, we went to Mag's, but she wasn't there. So DiDi took charge and turned my hair into something really amazing in the back! The Belle/Romeo and Juliet look. I loved it :)

I then had to hurry and get dressed. Yep. Once everyone was ready, we drove to the Countryside Country Club, at 6, and walked around back to where everyone was taking pictures. The group pic might be up soon, if I can get it from mom. We tried to pose around palm trees and the fountain (yeah, there was a fountain on the golf course...?)... Tommy wore his Captain's outfit, and Teagan wore his baby blue suit. Those were the only weird outfits, aside from some pretty dark makeup on some of the girls... Lol. I stuck with lip gloss. I also think Laurel and I were the only ones in flat shoes- everyone else had heels. Oh well, we were sensible. Lol.

We all sat down at the table once we actually got into the room, and we had these name tags that told us whether we were having chicken or pasta. (We had picked that earlier in the year). I had chicken. It was okay, but the ice cream bar was better :) LOL.

The whole room was divided in half by like this divider thing, and Espiritu was on the other side. You know, I didn't even think to look and see if Sebastian was there. That would've been weird. Lol. But I don't think they were having much fun, they kept trying to crash ours, and the teachers would shoo them out. And at one point they through streamers through the crack in the divider. And then when we were dancing, they got stuck to our barefeet. (Because the girls took our shoes off...)

The first person I danced with was Sean. Mrs. Robinson kinda pushed us together, along with Nick and Elizabeth. Yup. That was kinda awkward, 'cause it wasn't even a slow song, it was more of a jump up and down thing. Although now that I think about it, Sean is also the first person I danced with during the first slow song played. Which I think he did on purpose, he was kinda hovering around me. Which was weird! I danced with Austin 2 and a half times. To annoy him. Because nothing annoys him more than a perky&quirky girl dancing with him. Lol. The first thing he says to me? "You know, I'm like a foot and a half taller than you." Okay, I don't care :).

There weren't enough guys for every girl, so there were always some partnerless. (Mainly me, 'cause I blinked and then like all the guys were gone. So Maggie/Sabrina and I danced together, like all the times we didn't have a partner.) At one point, I was standing in the middle with Elizabeth, both of us parnterless, and Love Story had just come on, and I look up and Zack is also parnterless and he like waved at me to come over there, so we danced together. And that's what friends are for- saving each other from looking completely stupid! Lol. It was funny 'cause we were both singing. And he actually knew the lyrics. Lol. And Espiritu kept looking through the balcony at us dancing. It was like "get a life, and go back to your own party!"

My favorite part? When he played Don't Stop Believin', and we all did the dance steps that we have for the talent show. Screaming steps at each other, while singing along at top volume, and trying to remember what we were supposed to be doing. Yep. That's my class, and I'm going to miss them so so so much. I don't think the teachers or DJ could believe it. :)

Yeah, I had a whole lot of fun. I posted the pics on picasa. But I have to go now, so cya.

Love Ya,

Jess :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm Really Glad I Went!

Zack's party was so much fun! I'm glad I decided to go, 'cause if I didn't I would've missed a lot. I think there were 14 people there- let's see... lol. Me, Danielle, Laurel, Sabrina, and sara (*_*) were the girls, and then for the guys there were Zack (obvisouly), Nick, Michael, Austin, Kameron, Connor, Teagan, Blake,Stevie, and Tommy came later, after his swim meet. And he came in his speedo. We were all like "Come on Tommy! Put some more clothes on! We don't need your speedo pics in our heads!" Lol.

When I rang the doorbell (Well, actually, mom rang the doorbell. I was about six feet behind her, having a heart attack from nervousness...) the dog (I don't know which one...) came to th edoor, and Sammy took both dogs and put them in a room. And I really appreciated that :). I felt bad, though, because they were locked up all night... But Mr. & Mrs. Sokolowski were really nice and said they were ok in their room.

Sabrina and I tried to stay dry for as long as possible. Which didn't really happen :). We were getting splashed and hit by water balloons, so we both ended up taking our shirts off. (We had on our bathing suit!) In the beggining, I tried to stay dry for my glasses, because once I got wet, my glasses would not be able to be seen through. Even though they would be off when I was in the water, they would still get splashed... Lol.

Laurel and I were playing pool against Stevie and Nick when I noticed the scrabble game. It was one of the spinny ones!!! So Laurel and I went to play that :) Austin and Kameron joined us. I actually think Kameron was going to win. We never finished, though, because someone hit Kameron with a water balloon and it got all over the game... but before that, Kameron actually took a picture of the score card to show his mom. Lol...

Wow. So there I am, ignoring her like usual, but sara can't ignore someone. But she can not hit me. Lol. So first, she tries to soak me in water by putting water in a bucket and throwing it. I kept walking, not looking at her, she completely misses me, and splashes the lineua. Then she attempts to throw a water balloon at me (I know it was her because she was the only one with a pink one. I didn't look at her.) But it hits me, doesn't break, and bounces off of me! And hits her! I was like "KARMA!" (Well, in my head :) lol.) She kept trying to get Kameron or Austin to pour water on my head. I know that 'cause Austin told me. Lol, whatever. I'm a bigger person. (Well... I have a comment that I could put here, but it would totally ruin the whole "I'm a bigger person" because it would be rude... but if you know me, you know what I'm thinking :) It's obvious)

At one point, Mrs. Sokolowski had to let the dogs out, so I stayed in the house with the doors closed, and Laurel stayed with me. She was playing the piano, and I was dancing. I got some weird looks from Connor and Blake. Lol. But I still twirled! And LAurel was amazing! She made up her own song and memorized it without writing it down. She was going by ear... She's amazing. She is so talented! (By the way, she's now writing her stories in Bulgarian. Yup. Now I really cant read them. Lol) We were looking at the pictures above the piano. One was a really nice one of Cleveland at night, with the lights all lit up. We were trying to guess what city it was, but we ended up asking Mrs. Sokolowski. There was a Christmas picture of them, when Sammy had to be like 7 and Zack looked 5. They were so cute!!!!

I played volleyball a couple times, too. That was fun, although my thumb hurts and I can't crack my knuckle... But it's nothing I didn't have during basketball season. That was fun, we played girls verse boys until Kameron came out and told us the Kentucky Derby was about to end, and we all wanted to see how our horses did. (We pulled their names out of a bag. My horse was Conveyance.)

I think the best part of the night was near 8:15ish at night, and we were all in the pool, and Don't Stop Believin' came on the radio. Without even looking at each other, we all stopped what we doing and stood there and sang the whole song. It was pretty epic. I mean, none of us could hit the high notes and we were all flat the whole song, but it was awesome. Mrs. Sokolowski came out and filmed us! I think we should put that in the end-of-year- slideshow thing. But I love how our class is mostly on the same level sometimes.

Mr. Sokolowski was really nice, telling me all these stories. Like the one about Zack and how he came home after studying the whole week and told his dad that the test was easy, it was open-book and with a partener, and his dad asked him who he had as a partner and Zack was like "Jessica!" Lol. And then he asked me what high school I was going to, and I told him Eastlake Engineering, and he got all excited and told me Michael's dad went to MIT, and how he was glad I was going through and he was giving me a little pep talk about how girls can do whatever they want and not to listen to guys saying we can't do anything. Now I know why Zack is as gentleman-y as he is. His parents are really nice :) Well, I already knew that, but it was nice to be reminded how nice they were :) If that makes sense? Lol.

I had so much fun!! I'm glad I went!! And I think I'm getting better with the cynophobia- don't you? A couple months ago I would never be able to go to a house that had two dogs, let alone stay there 7 hours. I'm the one who nearly ran out onto the highway and threw my candy at the dog on Halloween that one year... Lol.

Love ya!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quash! Quash! Quash!

Hehe. Quash is the word of the day... it means to "annul, to cancel, to crush, or subdue". Like, "Dude, you just got totoally quashed!" I mean, this word is so fun to say out loud! Try it!!! Quash! Quash! I promised Laurel I would make this the title of the post :). I get the word of the day thing sent to my phone. This is today's. Yes, it's awesome.

It was absolutely embarrasing, awkward, embarrassing, and really funny what one of the things that happened today was. So there we are, changing in the locker room, and I hurry through it to get outside. (Because it's a nice day and all...) So I finish and charge out the door. I slammed all my weight on it, expecting it to open. It didn't. Let's just say, I'm pretty lucky I don't have a bruise. But then we all try to figure it out while I slam into it again to see if it was just stuck. Turns out, there was a huge lock right above our heads. That we were supposed to unlock first. Yup. So I finally get out, and Zack's there, leaning on the wall, shaking his head. I'm like "What?" And he's like "You know you're supposed to unlock it first, right?" And I'm like "You heard that?!?!" And he's like "Yeah. I heard you slam into it, comment about how it won't open, and then slam into it again." Aw, crap... Lol. That didn't help my "I'm not clumsy!" case.

Ugh, we switched seats in lit/eng today. I now sit next to *UGH I can't even say it* Kameron. *Cry* But Elizabeth is next to him on the other side, and Zack's behind me, so maybe it'll be okay? Or maybe we can switch him for someone... Or me. I'll switch with Linnette. Then I'd be in the back, get my writing-the-homework-on-the-board job back, and be next to one of my friends. Actually next to one, not with someone in between. And that would make talking to Elizabeth easier- it I was behind her at a diagonal.

We took even more notes in science. When do they stop? I did a contract and got 2 bonus points for it! Yay! And another that I still have to grade. Those were the easy labs, now I have the hard ones. Woo-hoo. But I'm doing these contracts, I don't care how difficult or boring they might be. My grade is too important.

Math. I was really, really nervous about getting our tests back. I got an 84%. With 5 extra points. Eeeekkk. But that was a terrible chapter. And mine was the one she stopped grading halfway though because she couldn't take it. I got like all of them wrong, but not fully taken off points, because I showed all my work. But once she picked up again the next day, I got the rest right. I didn't get a single question wrong on the back. And those were harder. Go figure. I'm doing it again- getting the easiest ones wrong and the harder ones that everyone else gets wrong right. Ugh. But this chapter is so easy! Probability and analyzing words. Hehe, I got that down pat. I might have over-analyzed some of them, though. Like that one about where they were sitting. I kept asking stufff like "What if they have names on the chairs?". Hehe :) I'll analyze anything you ask :).

Today was liturgical prep. Before we had study hall, she had us reading brief sections of the bible out loud. For the very last one, I opened it randomly and picked the smallest chapter. Well, I just happened to pick it in the "Book of Songs". She wanted me to sing it! I was like "No! No way! I'm not singing!" And then Tommy, Michael, Sean, and Blake got up and sang it. And repeated the one they thought was the chorus. Lol, I'm really going to miss my class... :'(. I really am. Well, most people. Screw the others. Lol, but nicely :).

Well, I'm going now, seeing as I have soaking wet hair and I'm going to read the science lesson tonight. Yep. It's my grade, and I'm taking control of it. Oh, and BTW, I tihnk I might've converted Austin to MLIA. Yes, I'm that powerful. Lol.

Reminescing in Memories,
-Jess <3

Monday, April 26, 2010

Maybe, Maybe Not

Dad's on business in Norfolk. When we went there in the summer, it was different. Really different. I used to have hopes that one day, we'd move back into the same house and continue our normal processes there- but a bit of those dreams vanished everytime I realized that I love Florida and my friends. But it still felt like the world had continued to move on without us, not caring that we had moved, or that a new family was there. Life just kept going, never slowing, pausing, for it to realize its occupants had moved. It was sad. But I'm still a Virginia girl. But I'm a Floridian, too. I might not have been born down here, and I hate the heat, but this is where my friends, my life is. As Ashley Greene puts it, "I'll always be a Florida girl with Southern roots." ('Cause in the Civil War, weren't Virginians called Southern Belles? Idk.)

I really need to work on my science grade. It's an 80! But there are only like 5 grades in it so far, but it's not good! I need to pull that up so I can have straight A's. I didn't work all of middle school to ruin it my last quarter of my last year in one class. Ughhhh. I need to work on this... It wouldn't be an 80 if I hadn't taken that quiz that I missed the instruction and notes on. Stupid dentist :( But, it is my fault. I should have looked it over better knowing I missed it. Now all I can do is do basically all the labs possible. Which stinks 'cause I've seen them and there aren't really easy ones yet...

I really want to go to Zack's party, but then, I don't. I mean, I want to go to celebrate his birthday and hang out with him and my friends, but I don't want to be all alone. Sara is going to make Laurel hang out with her- even though Laurel's been my friend since ever. Sabrina and Maggie would be fun to be with, but they'll be talking about all sorts of inside jokes and I won't understand them at all :(. And, I mean, Jojo and Katelyn are only going because they get to wear a bathing suits. And Connor, Teagan, Blake, and Kameron are all going- blech. Whatever I do, I'm still going to get Zack something awesome... And he has 2 dogs. 2! But if he promises to keep them away from me, I think I can survive well enough... And I'm sure I can help Mrs. Sokolowski :). I don't know what I'm doing. I don't even know what I want to do. Ughh. I hate this feeling.

We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight. I really want to work on TCB, but I have homework. I don't know. I really don't know. I keep pushing down this feeling, but it's still there, waiting for my to crack so it can flow up to the surface and wreak havoc on me. I don't know...
-Jess :) <---- smileys make me feel better :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Needed The Short Bus

I entered the Vera Wang contest on Polyvore. I like this set a lot, and it's a totally new layout. I don't even really know what Vera Wang is, but I figured I have nothing to lose by joining.

Well, anyways, today we had a field trip to the Chrism Mass led by the Bishop. I think I shall start the description of the day before we left. So, now, unto the memory of snack. (Hehe, I wanted to say it all old-fashiondy)

I was walking to the cafeteria with Alicia and Elizabeth, and we get our snacks out of the cooler and sit down. Two minuted later, Danielle comes in, slams her snack on the table and like yells at us. "Thanks for waiting, guys." Like, she really did yell at us. We were like, okay? Then in the bathroom Alicia and I were talking and we were all "What the heck? She just blew up at us!" Which she did.

Then we were getting on the bus, and Danielle didn't want to sit with me because she said "I would be writing the whole trip." Well, that was fine with me, but she decided I would feel hurt so she sat down next to me. Then she blocked me out while I was trying to talk to Elizabeth. By that I mean she sat with her back to me, and Alicia was laughing 'cause it was so obvious that I couldn't talk while someone's back was to me, because I couldn't look past her! Well, then I joke to Elizabeth "Awesome people unite!" and Danielle looks at me and goes "Oh, you're not with us, Jess." And I was like what the heck? And she goes "Chill, Jess, it was just a joke." Which I know it was. But, really? I'm sick and tired of getting put down by her in everything I do. Okay, so it's not her pitiful "normal", but that's perfectly fine with me. I don't need to be normal!

Father Gary decides to stop at Starbucks to but us all a drink, and as we were getting out She goes to Kelly "I thought we weren't allowed to have electric devices on the bus." And Kelly is like "This is how we get the bus back." And Danielle goes "It was just a joke!" And then I go "Yeah, but your jokes aren't funny." And she's like "What is wrong you today?" And I'm like "Well, I don't know, maybe it's that I was just dissed like five times during this trip?" And she goes "You say stuff about me all the time!" And I go "Name one example of when I did!" And she turns and stomps off toward Starbucks. I was like, forget it. I'm tired of being made fun of and then being told to "chill" or that it was "just a joke". Well, the thing is, every "I'm just joking" has some truth in it.

In other news, I ordered a strawberry banana smoothie. And I felt so professional with my little Hamlet notebook and my church uniform on. Kelly told me that I looked it, too- I looked just like how she remembered what everyone in college does. Notebooks, laptops, homework, in Starbucks just sitting and working. We all lined up and were ordering and everyone is saying "Mocha" or "Frap" and the guy behind the counter was just shouting stuff like "Another Double Chocolate Frap". And then I come along and he looked ready to say "Another..." And I go "May I have a strawberry banana smoothie, please?" And he laughs and it staring at me intently, and then Father Gary is like "Oh, a healthy one!" Well, not really, I just don't like coffee. I can't stand the smell. And I would've gotten hot chocolate, but it was already hot out, so I decided against it. As Alicia said later with the counter guy, if the laughing about a smoothie was an inside joke, no one got it.

When we got back into the bus, Danielle moved away from me and sat with Linnette. Alicia was laughing at me again, because it was just so stupid. When we got there, the mass was like two hours and it was pretty cool. But the choir was like high-pitched. I mean, they were in key and really good, just so loud! And the choir pit was AWESOME. It was on the ceiling. It never touched the ground, it was so cool.

After mass, we got back in the bus to go back to school, and I bravely left my notebook in the seat when we went in, I go to the seat with my book in it, and it was moved. I look up and Sean is sitting there, and I'm like what? And he's like "Just sit down." And I was still dubious, but then Kameron came like charging up the steps and I didn't want to be standing in the middle of the aisle so I sat down next to him. Connor was behind us, so he kept annoying me. I let Sean write something, because it was hard enough to write with him reading over my shoulder, and the bus kept moving. He ended up writing about some sort of suicidal tiger.

When we got back to school, it was basically time to go, so we all just walked out to carline. But mom had detention duty, so Sean asked me to go to the volleyball game. Well, I figured I'd rather go sit with my friends instead of sitting in 5th grade waiting until 4 o clock when detention is over, just watching Connor and Teagan copy the bible. So I walked over to the gym and sat with them for all of the jv game. First I sat next to Michael, then I moved over to Zack, and then he had to go call the lines for the game, so I was next to Sean. Mrs. Maclean came over and sat down next to me, and Sean leans over and goes "Mom, shouldn't you be sitting with the parents?" and she's just like "I came over to say hi to Jessi." And then we started talking and it turns out that for spring break, Sean, Nick, and Stevie will be at Disney for the same time I am. Stevie actually going to be staying at Port Orleans Riverside, which is where I'm staying. Sean and Nick are gonna be at the Wilderness Campground. I really, really hope we can do something like go to Downtown Disney or something. It would be so fun!!! Then Mrs. Maclean was like "Well, Jess, I should probably go sit down with the parents now." And then we both laugh and she goes by them. One of the reasons why she is one of my favorite teachers, ever. Mrs. Agrinsoni, Mrs. Maclean, and Mrs. Hong.

Well, TTYL,


Monday, March 29, 2010

They're Cheaper By The Dozen

That refers to what happened in math. So Michael was talking about the whole pope-conspiracy thing, and he goes "Yeah, I heard he molested twelve kids." and Kelly goes "Twelve? Why twelve?" And spur-of-the-moment and a perfect moment right here, Sean goes "Well, I hear they're cheaper by the dozen." It was just perfect! And we started cracking up :).

We started a lab in science today. We actually got to work with the chemicals, and it would've been awesome except once again I get put with Austin and he wouldn't let me do anything with them. I tried using the mini spoon to get some of the chemicals and the whole time Austin's there "Don't spill it. Careful! Into the vile! Steady. Careful! You're doing it wrong! Give me that!" And then there's me "I know how to work a spoon!" And then he shoved the worksheet at me and told me I was in charge of writing nad he was in charge of chemicals. Well, I don't mind writing the paper since no one can read Austin's writing, but still. I actually wanted to work with the chemicals. Oh, and you know how every single thing says "Never taste, touch, or smell the chemicals." Well, sara actually tasted one to see if it was really glue. WOW. I really wish it was ammonia or something.

So... I'm thinking now would be a good time for a sneak peak of The Crown Bearers?

“What time are we leaving tomorrow?”

“Well, the plane leaves at nine, so we’re probably going to be picking you up at around six. Wow, that’s early. What time do you think you’re waking up?”

That was early. I knew already that there was no way my parents would be up to say good-bye, so they would insist on doing it tonight instead.

“Uh, I really don’t know. Probably around four. But I still need to pack.”

“Yeah, same here. I would suggest pretty warm clothes, a couple of scarves, multiple pairs of boots, all the jeans you own, and a jacket. Preferably fur.”

Rebecca’s closet was bigger than her room. And she would always restock her wardrobe every new fashion trend. The only good thing about it? I’m only a little bit smaller than her, so I fit into her old clothes. She lets me pick out whatever I want to keep. It’s outdated, but I never really care. If you looked at my closet you would probably see stuff from my grandmother’s age.

“Um, Bec, I don’t own a lot of that. I have one pair of boots, and no scarves. I’m not even sure the boots fit me anymore. I never really used them.” I found both items foolish and frivolous, we live in California; when are we going to wear them? And who wants to choke on scarves just to make a fashion statement? “And I only own two pairs of jeans.” My whole closet was based on Californian weather, so mostly shorts.

She rolled her eyes. “Just bring what you can. Actually, maybe you can come over later.”

And that was an introduction to Becca :) Not the beggining of the chapter, but in chapter one.

Love ya,